Richard Duijnstee - illustrator

Professional illustrator for over 25 years. My drawings are happy, since I can’t draw ‘mean things’.

richard1505 at outlook dot com

illustration of a person running away from a friendly looking whale
"Aaah, a whale!" - ballpoint on paper, digital colour

It's here! 'Don't Eat Yellow Snow', a children's rhyming mystery, in which my drawings illustrate the whimsical poetry of writer Andrea Miller. Available in Fredericton or online via The Artisan District.

Yellow Snow book
"Book Cover" - fountain pen on paper, digital colour

Now and then, I draw with words. My novel The Circus Was In Town can be bought via Amazon in Canada, the US, Netherlands, and the UK.

Hand drawn illustration of cats playing
"Cats Playing" - fountain pen and markers on paper

illustration of a relaxed farmer
"A Very Content Farmer" - fountain pen and markers on paper

animation of a gold fish in a bowl
"Just keep swimming" - pencil on paper, digital colour